From a vibrant, new eight-block restaurant and entertainment district to a 3 million performing arts center, there is a lot of excitement building throughout KC. Watch our short video and discover why The New York Times is calling KC “a culturally-rich metropolis.”

25 thoughts on “Get Introduced To A Whole New Kansas City

  1. 4774patrick

    Great video. Visited KC after 40 years. Back then the city was gritty but
    still a great town. There is some grit still, but now the city has become
    an awesome place alive and vibrant. After all Missouri is the *Show Me

  2. imanna1995

    I live in a suburb of kansas city but I think it’s a prettt great downtown
    if you know things are at. If you visit, make sure u see the plaza and
    power and light…power and light is awesome I love it and I posted a video
    of it. Also kansas city is hosting the national basketball tournaments at
    sprint center

  3. Lazarus

    If you ask a mormon, they wont admit it though because are either ignorant
    or have been taught to lie about their religion. “Milk before Meat” they
    call it.

  4. Neznem

    Nothing about Sporting Park, one of the best Soccer venues in the nation,
    home to near-constant sold out crowds and now home to the MLS Champions?

  5. J Stacks

    Overall metropolitan area is awesome. I live on the Kansas side and it has
    the big city vibe, but yet not too big. Just over 2 million people I
    believe. Kansas City alone is close to 600,000 I can imagine. 

  6. Nathan Tague

    My KC! :) I love riding my motorcycle down to the plaza to check out the
    random luxury cars parked outside. The city has so much more than the video
    showed including the whole river market area! Great video! I would
    recommend KC to anyone who doesn’t mind crazy cold winters :p it’s a very
    progressive city with allot to do! :) 

  7. eimenator2566

    Im 20 and have spent 2 decades growing up in a suburb on the kansas side. I
    have traveled to nearly every major city in the U.S. I.G: Ny La chicago DC
    Miami St.Louis San Diego Seattle. And as far as things to do for the
    location its fantastic. KC will forever be my home, people are so
    incredibly kind here. You will get a “Hello! Hows your day?” From anyone
    anywhere at any time. Its so cheap to live here with all the amenities you
    could ever ask for in a land locked metropolitan city. Visit, even come
    live you won’t dislike it unless you surf daily.

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