SMG Virtual Client Event

Production Proposal


SMG Virtual Client Event

Production Proposal

Broadcasting Live!

This proposal is for the creation and broadcast of a 30-45 minute long live event highlighting new technology provided by SMG that will follow with a live online Q&A. In order to maintain a seamless flow between presenters, tutorials and slides while broadcasting live, we will “pre-tape” the bulk of the broadcast at an earlier date, but edit live in order to save on post-production cost and time. This will also ensure live mistakes can be corrected and polished. On the day of the event, we will begin the broadcast with a live intro that will transition to our previously recorded presentations and tutorials. Once we’ve come to the end of the pre-taped segment, we will come back to a live, 2-camera set-up for a Q&A the audience will be able to participate in through a webpage chat function.

This live event will bring fresh and exciting insight into the latest technology provided by SMG to their clients. We would be creating something that is captivating, but also informational and easy to follow.

Project Details

Project Details


  • Create a live event in an easy way, by pre-taping and editing live, but maintaining that live feeling.

  • Showcase the new tech in a captivating way, but informative way.

  • Maintain an interactive experience by allowing viewers to ask questions through our online portal that is coupled with the broadcast window of the event, all living on an SMG webpage.

Project Shooting Dates

The quote for the project includes the need of….

  • In the coming months - we will work with SMG web developers to build an unlinked/hidden webpage that includes our video broadcast player as well as our Q&A Chat function, along with any other elements SMG would like to include. This can easily have an url which will be emailed to the desired audience.

  • Early January, we will come in to SMG to shoot a “live taping” of all presenter segments and tutorial video. We will live edit during that time, which can be easily polished and fixed in time for the live event date. This shoot will include multiple cameras, lighting, quality sound recording as well as on screen titles, music, etc.

  • Live Event Date, mid/late January. On this day, we will set up at SMG again for a live broadcast. We will begin and end with actual live elements, while the bulk of the broadcast is from our previously filmed content. This shoot will include multiple cameras, lighting, quality sound recording as well as on screen titles, music, etc.

Our Commitment

  • You’ll get our personal passion, all in on this project, as well as the full creative efforts of our team that helps with production, post production and video finishing process.

  • We only take on projects that align with our core values. Because of this, it allows us to bring something intangible to the project. A degree of passion and purpose that works above and beyond to make our projects the greatest success they can be.

This Is What We Do

This Is What We Do

The Proof Is In The WOrk

We’ve worked with SMG for a couple of years, on live broadcasts and promotional materials at the Forum, as well as many other clients whose content performs excellent.

We Create Videos That Pay For Themselves

We don’t just set out to make beautiful videos, or even simply to tell a great story. We set out to combine both of those things with a direct effort to increase profits for our clients. We use video to solve problems.

Creating beautiful videos takes a lot of investment up front. But how much worse is that investment if there is never a return on it!

We see countless other production companies make this mistake over and over again. Just making a generic video, because they feel that’s what you ought to do.

What a waste.

We see video as an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful investment that has great returns if done correctly. It’s no fun making videos that barely break even.

We make videos that turn a profit, and make returns for our clients.

The Total Project Commission $10,400

The Total Project Commission $10,400

Our Quotes Are One Price

The proposals we create are one price. That way there are no surprises or randomly increased costs. A more detailed breakdown of cost is available here;

We Need Your Cooperation

In order to pull off a project like this, we need the cooperation and collaboration of your staff on the shoot days. We have experience with working around programming, but it’s great to view this as a team effort.

Next Steps

Next step would be to discuss questions you may have. From there if we fell this would be a great fit, then we would draft a contract and proceed from there.

Final Deliverables

  • The final deliverable of this project will be a 30-45 minute live broadcast executed at the time of your choosing.

  • After the broadcast, the files will be available in both 4K Ultra HD as well as HD formats.

  • Any other analytic data collected from the Q&A and streaming platform.