Jordon Rioux is an Emmy award winning Film Editor and Cinematographer who has worked on many many feature films and network television shows over the last 15 years. He currently has two IMAX documentaries in pre-production including Project Fire, and The Last Liberator which are expected to start filming mid 2018. He has an incredible eye and unique storytelling ability that he brings to every production and is co-owner of Method Media.



Chris Knitter graduated from the Los Angeles Film School and has worked professionally in Hollywood on set as a cinematographer, and for the past several years in Kansas City shooting and editing as a freelancer. He has produced quality content for numerous clients all over the world, in a variety of styles and formats. As a film producer, Chris runs Overlooked Productionsa feature film production company, producing original content with other local artists and is co-owner of Method Media. 



Dustin (D. R.) Blakeman is a published author, artist, musician, and filmmaker with twenty years of experience in visual and audio production, copywriting, graphic design, composition, and animation. He is a Blue Star award-winning director whose theatrical works have been produced in every hemisphere and translated into multiple languages. Currently, Dustin is writing and directing Dog Park, and a supporting short series, for Overlooked Productions.