Hopecality Project

Podcast Proposal


Hopecality Project

Podcast Proposal

The goods

This proposal is for the creation of 5 inaugural Hopecality Project podcast episodes. This podcast will bring fresh and captivating content to the Hopecality Project audience.

Project Details

Project Details


  • Create an incredible podcast showcasing the core values of the Hopecality Project.

  • Promote the brand with fresh recurring content.

  • Generate increased sales/subscriptions from the traffic generated through podcast subscribers.

Project recording Dates

The quote for the project includes the need of 5 recording sessions with podcast guests.

  • Dates TBD

Our Commitment

  • You’ll get our personal passion, all in on this project, as well as the full creative efforts of our team that helps with production, post production and audio finishing process.

  • We only take on projects that align with our core values. Because of this it allows us to bring something intangible to the project. A degree of passion and purpose that works above and beyond to make our projects the greatest success they can be.


The total project commission is $5,900

The total project commission is $5,900

Our Quotes Are One Price

The proposals we create are one price. That way there are no surprises or randomly increased costs. The per episode breakdown is $1,100. This proposal also includes $400 that will cover custom composed intro/outro and sponsor bumper music tailored to the emotion of the Hopecality Project. This also includes lifetime use of the music with no additional fees.

This includes

  • Interview recording session

  • All editing and mixing

  • Final sweetening and mastering

  • Uploading of each episode to be made available to subscribers via iTunes

Final Deliverables

  • 5 podcast episodes approximately 30 minutes in length

  • The files will be available on the Hopecality Project website as well as iTunes