We’ve partnered with the Midwest Innocence Project to tell some unbelievable stories. This is Rodney and he spent 36 years and 10 days in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Short Form Documentary

Whether an actual documentary short or not, a majority of projects fall into this category, which includes most commercial production for web or television under 20 minutes.

  • shots on location of a business or event

  • aerial coverage

  • site inspection

  • personal interviews

  • promotional footage

  • music video

  • production design

  • technical assistance

If it's not on the list, just contact us, there's still a good chance we can help. Method has the means and experience to make any creative concept a vibrant reality.

Marketing & Advertising

Method Media KC is a full-service production company, capable of taking your project as far as it needs to go, from first concepts to final products and everywhere in between. We have award-winning specialists available for service and on staff:

  • producers

  • directors

  • editors

  • designers

  • lighting technicians

  • photographers

  • artists

  • authors

Method ensures professional, expert results in every aspect of any production, whether 10 second spot or feature length.